Questions to ask
Where does
this position fit into the organization?
Can you describe a typical day in this job?
How is performance measured and reviewed?
How long do people usually stay in this job?

Questions You might be asked
Q: Tell me something about yourself,your hobbies or interests?
A: Tell the interviewer something about you as it relates to the job. Perhaps how organized you are or about a previous experience that relates to the job.
Q: What do you expect to be doing in 5 years?
A: The interviewer is trying to find out if this is a stepping stone or you plan on staying
Q: Why should I hire you?
A: Aggressively sell yourself. Talk about how successful you can be. Bring up the skills you have learned that fit the companies needs.
Q: What are your best assets?
A: Talk about how your strengths are related to the position you are seeking
Q: What are your negatives?
A: Turn this around into a positive by telling the interviewer how you handle your negatives.
Q: What do you think of your last employer or former teachers?
A: Be diplomatic. Don't criticize past employers or teachers.

Questions NOT to ask
Don't' bring up salary unless you asked to discuss it.
Let the employer make the first offer
Know the salary range for your field
When is my vacation?
Ask anything about time off
When is my first paycheck?
When is my first paycheck, will you cash it.
How soon do I get a bonus?