Ace that Interview

Learn about the company. - Do research. The more you know about the company and job you are applying for the more confident you can be. By finding out information ahead of time you will be able to determine where you will fit. One way to get information might be the company's web site. You can view their information and get a feel for the company. The company may also have literature you can review.

Arrive early - About 10 minutes is early enough. Check out the directions before the scheduled interview. Leave plenty of time on the day of your interview for the unexpected traffic delay. If you carry a cell phone, turn it off.

Have a firm handshake - Regardless if you or the interviewer is a man or a woman have a firm but not too tight a handshake. You don't want to have a feeble or damp handshake. If you are not used to shaking hands, practice.

Address the interviewer by name - This will help you remember it, too. Don't call the interviewer by their first name unless invited to do so.

Wait until you are asked to be seated. Allow the interviewer to offer you a seat. Of course if they don't, ask politely if you may have a seat.



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