Q: If I have several types of interviews what is the best interview suit style to choose?
A: The most conservative style is always appropriate
* see the Complete Interview Outfit page
* see Occupational Wardrobes.

Q: How important are my shoes?
A: More important then you think. Some interviewers will decide whether or not to hire you based on how well kept your shoes are. Attention to detail. Some employers may feel if you took enough time to make sure your even your shoes look good then you would pay the same attention to detail in your job performance.

Q: Should I ask questions during the interview?
A: Yes. Usually at the end of an interview you will be asked if you have any questions. Have some questions prepared in advance.
* see interview questions

Q: How do I know if I need an extra long tie?
A: Men 6'1" and over should use the extra long tie.

Q: How do I know what suit size I need?
A: Most stores will be able to measure you. However for men chest size determines the sizes. For women the waist size and bust size are both taken into consideration.
* see how to measure a men's suit
* see how to measure a women's suit

Q: How do I know my shirt size?
A: For men, you can tell your size by measuring your neck and arm length. Most stores will be able to measure you to determine your proper size.
* see how to measure your shirt size

Q: Can I wear a dress or pants suit for my interview?
A: Some companies do not find the business suit with pants appropriate for women and a dress may seem too casual. A professional, conservative jacket and skirt suit is always right.

Q: How often should I have my garments cleaned?
A: 2 - 3 times per year, unless you spill something on it or it smells. And always have the suit pieces dry cleaned together so they will look like a suit for the life of the garment. Shirts should be laundered after each wearing. Blouses cleaned after 1 or 2 wearings depending on the individual.