Ace that Interview cont.

Speak clearly - Do not have gum or candy in your mouth during an interview. You want to be able to speak clearly. Having something in your mouth will be distracting to you and the interviewer. If you are a smoker, avoid smoking at least one to two hours prior to the interview, especially in the age of smoke-free offices.

Communicate positive body language - Have good eye contact. Use your listening skills. Emphasize your qualifications and smile. Project a positive impression of yourself. Be self-assured, not self-important.

Avoid distracting behaviors - Do not handle anything on the interviewers desk. Do not use exaggerated hand and body gestures. Avoid fidgeting and slouching.

Have questions and answers prepared - Ask meaningful questions. Also, think about what you might be asked and have answers already in mind. Practice with a friend or mentor. If available, tape record or video record how you sound and look. *See list of questions to ask and be asked

Have a notepad and pen - You may need to take notes.

Information for the interviewer - Have enough copies of your resume. Bring your driver's license and social security card. If you accept a position right away the employer will need identification to begin legally required paperwork. Ask when you may call to learn about the hiring decision

Write a thank-you letter - Follow up your interview with a note to anyone you spoke with. The note is a courtesy that confirms your interest in the position.

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