Business Casual - Men

Business casual means a lot of different things. How will you dress? Most employers will have a specific idea of what is required for business casual. Here is a general guideline so you can get an idea of what you will need.

Take into consideration your schedule when planning what you need. You may be busy and not always have the time to get things cleaned.

  • Corporate Casual
    No jacket
    Tailored slacks
    Long sleeve shirt (in a color other then the usual white or
    Tie - optional

  • Business Casual
    Long sleeve shirt in lt. blue or conservative stripe
    * Some companies have shirts with their logo embroidered on the shirt - this would be acceptable and is sometimes the 'uniform' for business casual workdays.
    3 button polo style shirt w/or w/o sweater
    Denim shirt

  • Casual Day
    Polo style shirts
  • Casual Shoes / Belt
    Casual leather shoe and matching belt.
    * Some offices will allow sneakers, many won't.

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