Complete Interview Outfit
You have started a career. What are you going to wear? The easiest thing to do is to see how others in your company are dressing. You may also be given specific information on what is required by your particular employer. Here is a general guideline so you can get an idea of what you will need. Remember prices of garments will vary by fabric, how the garment is made and where you shop. Make the most of your budget by being an Educated Consumer®.

Take into consideration your schedule when planning what you need. You may be busy and not always have the time to get things cleaned.

Men's Complete Interview Outfit Price range
$140. - 1000
Long Sleeve Dress Shirt 
$20. - 100
$8. - 40
1 pr.Shoes
$70. - 350
$8. - 40
$2. - 10
Trench Raincoat (w/ removable lining)
$99. - 250
Leather notebook, portfolio or briefcase
$30. - 200

Total cost range for suggested wardrobe including portfolio $ 377.00 - $ 1990.00

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