General Sales / Retail
This category is split. If you are interviewing for a more trendy type of retail position you still need the suit, but women can go with more color in a blouse. Men can use a bolder color or bolder print tie. If the sales position is in a more conservative general sales position stick with your basic conservative suit look.
Suit - Dark suit Charcoal or navy in solid or pin stripe. Black or olive in solid
Shirt - Pressed long sleeve cotton dress shirt in white or a pastel.
Tie - Colorful tie. If it's a more conservative company or sales position stay with small
print that coordinates with suit
Shoes - wing tip or loafer
Socks - match suit
Suit - Dark 2 piece skirt suit in Charcoal, navy, black or olive
Blouse - White, or pastel long sleeve blouse
Shoes - updated dark color pump with 1-1 ½" heel
Hose - neutral color / sheer black (never darker then the shoe!)
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